“To all ghostbuster fans: Good news. There will be a Ghostbusters 3!!! But there is gonna be a twist to it. Dr. Peter Venkman will not be in the new movie. Dan Aykroyd did send a script of the new movie to him, however, Bill Murry shredded the script and (in quote) wrote back: ” Who wants to see a bunch of fat old men chasing ghosts?” I was crushed. So, the story board will change. In the movie, Dr. Peter Venkman died long ago in the third movie. Sorry.”
“" life is only fair, at the point that you think it’s unfair." - Unknown”
the REAL ghostbusters me: I am a huge fan of the ghostbusters but- friend: Well, I thing shooting nuclear proton streams at the undead and being paid over five grand to destroy everything the customer owns is kinda going over board. me: But, It's-uh-umm. True.
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